Money related things, if you don't have them

Did you ever hear the phrase: "You can't afford to be cheap?" As students, we often lecture to save our money and stop spending them on things like fast food, parties and rest

Yes, cutting off some things is useful, but there are only some shopping where students can't afford to be cheap. So in this article, I'm going to offer you some suggestions for a couple of big-ticket elements that might be worth investing in

You're gonna need a computer.  However, it is very important to make these investments, however, to find out what kind of computer requires your program, which is most convenient for you, and how to get the best blow for your reindeer. Perform some studies before making a final decision, and

Printer (with scanner)

That's very cool. You will definitely print a lot of essays in your post-career, some of which have page numbers higher than the balance of your bank account. For this reason, you do not want you to run back and back to the print center on campus and pay for each sheet. It is very important to invest in a good printer, which also serves as a scanner, to send jobs to your instructors or handwritten notes to friends

A cheap backpack could be a huge pain. Literally, they can pinch your shoulders.

External hard disk drive

These guys aren't cheap, but they're absolutely necessary.  Imagine that this is the night before the final exam for your most difficult course. You're really trying to be a sam. You turn on your laptop ... just for the screen to take off in black and white and turn it off. Your computer's fried. What are you doing? Your hard work is gone, and the final one is only a few hours. Okay, end of fog, hypothetical, but you get a point. Confused that the entire semester, the value of the notes has not disappeared forever in the night before the final exam is a pretty priceless feeling. Select a good external hard disk drive and back up! (Before it's too late)

Comfortable shoes

This is biggie for students off campus. If you're going to school 8 + hours a day, it's important that you have something comfortable on your feet. Fashion is important, but comfort and practicality are definitely the first. Guests are invited to a good pair of comfortable, watertight (preferably) light shoes to help you start every day with your right leg. Or shoes. You get it

A reliable car (if you live off campus)

There is nothing in this that could be done by transport. If you live in a campsite and general class, you may want to invest in a reliable car. Make sure you find something that matches your budget, good gas, safe and comfortable. This is one of the costs that we may be afraid of, given this price, but will save you the world if it is done correctly

Unfortunately, we do not have a choice when it comes to the purchase of textbooks. Do you want to drop $200 in the 18th-century philosophy book? Probably not, but you can choose how much you are willing to pay for this (most of the time). Look for the purchase from other students. Bury Facebook and find out if you can find the page you're using in your school. There are other ways to search for in-use books, such as warehouses, rental materials, garage sales, and even alumni

Of course, it is difficult to navigate the world for post-secondary education costs, but to bear in mind that they are called investments for some reason. They will help you in the course and, of course, feel invaluable at the time of the time, as I mentioned in the fourth.  To spend it on bigger purchases (minus the car, of course) using a credit card, such as

As a bonus, the card will also give you money back. It makes these big purchases less painful when you know that there's some money coming back

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Madi Werynski is a psychologist at the Wilfrid Laurier University. More importantly, she is a loving cat, a candlelight and a cartoon writer who spends most of his time watching Netflix in the bathroom