How do i put my work in the nhl ... with 'no home ice'

How exactly do you go from small-town hockey ref to feed the mission to the NHL?

You've heard that before. Finding the work of your dreams is all about who you know. "But then you think of yourself, "" Great. " I don't know anyone. All my hopes and dreams! " However, Chris Ackroyd currently covers the Stanley Cup playoffs, as the coordinator of social media games for NHL. His last work in hockey was a small city referee. And no, his uncle, his uncle, or his cousin, didn' t help him get his foot in that door Chris has grown up like a typical Canadian child obsessed with hockey. After school he studied commerce in sports at the University of Lavrentiya and the referetian hockey as a way to keep the sport in his life. Rewind in the insurance industry, and Chris finally found himself, where he is now working for the NHL

It's hard to tell because we only hunt for the first time

"I made a list of people I met in my way, which I thought could give me some insight and push me in the right direction."

I'm not sure this standard size is the only thing I've ever experienced. I made a list of the people I met in my way, which I thought could give me some idea and push me in the right direction (because I didn' t know where the right direction was)

Yes, I do. One of these coffees led to someone trying to contact me with someone he knew through the other side.

Good people who are good at work. We have a lot of applicants for most vacancies, but there's no magic formula. As in other places, hiring managers want people with skills and experience, and good people. The NHL is no different from most other companies in this respect

There were two things that helped me, to a great extent, to help me get my part. The first is a deep understanding of the game. I was playing and referring to hockey, because I liked doing it. In the end, the understanding of the players, the hockey terminology, and even some obscure rules and nuances helped prove that I know this sport, and perhaps better than the fans we share every day

"Suddenly, I had two friends from the hockey world who could both say a good word."

Second, I find no shame in what people I've been building relationships with, who could have been assigned to me. I made myself decide when the position opened. By the way, I realized during the interview that someone I was already tried with is currently in the role I apply. Suddenly, I had two friends from the hockey world who could both say a good word. There are many people who turn to work with the skills they need to publish-what to do

It's weird for me, because I think I need to keep talking to the right people more often. There is no right or wrong path, mainly to ask questions and be genuinely interested in the person, role and industry

"There is no right or wrong way, it's mostly about questions and the fact that he is really interested in the person, in the role and in the industry."

Is this the first assignment we talked about? I have a spreadsheet, and then I have it somewhere else. In our days, when I remind someone or I cross paths, I make a note to keep an eye on him. Last week, I ran into a successful friend on the street I hadn't seen in a year. He was on the phone, and I told him I'd write him the next day. Yeah, we talked, and we're having lunch. It's a play. You know, "Hey, we should definitely catch up!" A conversation? If you really don't give a shit, don't talk about it. Tell him it was nice to see him. If you want to catch up, set a date to the right or at least enter a reminder in your phone to continue

Ah, here's where I think we're all good and something's wrong. Yeah, it's a lot about who you know. Here's the shocking information: the list of people you know is not fixed

" You control how many people you know. Most people who know a lot of people spend time and energy creating relationships. "

When people hear that others get a job through contact, they think they hire the boss from heaven and says, " You. Come here, I'd like to pay you. " If someone hires your uncle or his mother, then good, good, good, use your resources. It's not usually like that. You control how many people you know. Most people who know a lot of people spend time and energy creating relationships. I always say that people who are probably in the right place at the right time are those who spend all their time in many places. More people, more opportunities

As above, connect to the people you can learn from. Buy some fucking coffee. Ask questions. You get a chance when you're right, not when you pin your fingers or complain, because Brian was hired, and you're smarter than him, and his father knew the guy, and that's not fair. ' Like, shut up

1) Live in the correct space

2) Do whatever you want, even if it's not your job

3) Contact people you know, but it is more important to communicate with people you do not know

You can keep an eye on Chris , and perhaps your "luck", the landing of your dreams, stumbled upon this article and will hear exactly what you had to do

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